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people scratching their heads, but researchers solved it a century ago. Tasty BlueTasty PlanetTasty Planet: Back for SecondsTasty Planet: Back for SecondsTearstoneTeddy FactoryTeddy Floppy Ear: Mountain AdventureTeddy Tavern: A Culinary AdventureTeKKOutTemple of JewelsTemple of Life: The Legend of Four ElementsTemple of Life: The Legend of Four Elements Collector's EditionTemple of TangramTennis in the FaceTennis TitansTerrafarmersTesla's Tower. July 27, 2010 Read Listen (12:08) Listener Feedback Resurrection (Skeptoid #215) - More vitriol from the Skeptoid inbox exposed. Collector's EditionWeather Lord: Royal HolidaysWeather Lord: Royal Holidays Collector's EditionWeather Lord: The Successor's PathWeather MasterWebbiesWebbiesWeb of Deceit: Black WidowWeb of Deceit: Black Widow Collector's EditionWeb of Deceit: Deadly SandsWeb of Deceit: Deadly Sands Collector's EditionWedding DashWedding Dash: Ready, Aim, LoveWedding Dash 2: Rings Around the. Collector's EditionNightmare Realm Collector's EditionNightmares from the Deep: Davy JonesNightmares from the Deep: Davy Jones Collector's EditionNightmares from the Deep: The Cursed HeartNightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart Collector's EditionNightmares from the Deep: The Siren's CallNightmares from the Deep: The Siren's Call Collector's EditionNight. Goblin Mahjongg WorldElythril The Elf TreasureEmberwing: Lost LegacyEmberwing: Lost Legacy Collector's EditionEmbrace of Ocean: Story of HopeEmerald City ConfidentialEmerald TaleEmerland Solitaire: Endless JourneyEmma and the InventorEmos MatchMakerEmpire Builder - Ancient EgyptEmpire of the GodsEmpires DungeonsEmpires Dungeons 2Empress of the Deep: The Darkest SecretEmpress of the. May 10, 2016 Read Listen (12:16) Antibiotics and Hormones in Beef (Skeptoid #517) - One of pop food woo's favorite claims is that drugs given to beef cattle pose a danger to humans. November 29, 2011 Read Listen (11:00) Slips and Goofs (Skeptoid #285) - Skeptoid corrects another round of errors found in previous episodes.

November 24, 2009 Read Listen (11:16) Vaccine Ingredients (Skeptoid #180) - The claims made about the dangerous chemicals in vaccines are all either false or misrepresented. (Skeptoid #367) - A mysterious "grinning man" is said to appear and terrorize UFO twin witnesses. July 7, 2009 Read Listen (12:46) Sarah Palin Is Not Stupid (Skeptoid #160) - Good arguments often go unused because poor arguments like ad hominems are so much easier. March 25, 2014 Read Listen (11:49) The Disappearance of Glenn Miller (Skeptoid #406) - This popular bandleader disappeared over the English Channel during World War II, and here's what happened. August 26, 2014 Read Listen (13:31) The Haunted Dybbuk Box (Skeptoid #428) - A popular tale tells of a haunted Jewish wine box that brought ill fortune upon its owners.

Whereas The, x, files deals mainly with paranormal events and conspiracies to cover up extraterrestrial contact, The Lone Gunmen draws on secret.Pop Quiz: Ancient Mysteries (.

The Lone Gunmen (TV series) - Wikipedia

Three times Twin Towers were referred to in the first of the mini-series, but never as anything other than what the press made it out. I dont want TO believe, tHE lies ARE OUT there. Intelligence agencies, government officials, and our media in the years leading up to September 11, could the attacks have been planned all along? If this theater was, lets say, real characters with these traitsFox would ask the question objectively, wondering, like any questioning American has the right to do: Was 9-11 an inside job? Nothing is real again; there are no monsters and yet Mulder is talking to one. This sub-plot was done in the series already. Who gains by the lies? Getty, burning hell: Onlookers watch the World Trade Center smoulder. Not much was expected in my mind with new version outside of lies to make us believe Fox Mulder represents everything decent and pure. Know the difference between truth and lies: Investigate! By TS Caladan, on 1/24/16, an, x-Files event was aired on American TV right after the NFL semi-finals.

August 7, 2012 Read Listen (11:28) Skinwalkers (Skeptoid #321) - Navajo Skinwalkers were said to be able to shapeshift into animals, but don't worry, it's just a tall tale.

Dragon Hunters - Die GTDragonball KaiDragonball SuperDragonball ZDrake Joshdramatical MurderDrawn TogetherDrei Engel für CharlieDriftersDrifters (Anime)Drogen im VisierDrop Dead DivaDrug LordsDuck DodgersDuck DynastyDucks FriendsDuckTales (2017)DuckTales - Neues aus EntenhausenDune Der WüstenplanetDune Die Kinder des WüstenplanetenDungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darou ka Gaiden. January 25, 2011 Read Listen (13:08) The Alien Buried in Texas (Skeptoid #241) - Some believe a space alien is buried in a rural cemetery in Aurora, Texas. April 11, 2017 Read Listen (13:10) The Shag Harbour UFO (Skeptoid #565) - Comparing the actual evidence to the Canadian claim of best evidence for alien visitation. (Skeptoid #532) - A look at which of the six competing claims for who killed the Red Baron was probably true. (Skeptoid #498) - Popular stories tell of WWI soldiers laying aside their rifles on Christmas 1914. July 12, 2016 Read Listen (13:02) Sky Trumpets (Skeptoid #526) - From all over the world come reports of strange trumpet-like blasts from the sky. May 18, 2010 Read Listen (11:57) Beyond Listener Feedback (Skeptoid #205) - Another trip to the Listener Feedback files, including my favorite yet. July 25, 2017 Read Listen (13:19) Amelia Earhart Redux: Competing Networks, Competing Craziness (Skeptoid #580) - Through their constant promotion of false history, TV networks may have done Amelia Earhart's legacy irreparable harm. Alles klar, Sharon Spitz?


A bright light appears and causes Sophie to vanish, but not before she gives Mulder a final message in sign language. Strange TV: Innovative Television Series From The Twilight Zone To The X-Files. David Duchovny later commented, "what I loved about his scripts was that he seemed to be trying to destroy the show." 4 The plot for "Humbug" was also adapted as a novel for young adults in 1996 by Les Martin. 7 8 In his 2002 book Strange TV,.

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