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0; var tabid 1781293; var ug_serv "m var tabs_user_id 8847818; var transpose_to 0; var has_ad_free '0 var tab_info 'name 'gorgeous 'version 1, 'type 'Tabs' ; var ga_preffix 'Text 0).removeClass open return false; height 0).removeClass open (function(d, s, id) var. You may use it for private study, scholarship, research or language learning purposes only. Who I Dmam, who you D#are. BbBb, this time we'll let 'em all know, know.C. G, d, a, e If you find skipping strings difficult, open D can be played in place of the. Do you value our service? Gorgeous Tab Gorgeous - X Ambassadors, tabbed by: TKV, abuelo e-mail: email protected, this my first tab, please go easy on me!

Intro / Bb / Verse 1 / Bb I ain t no Ken and you ain t no Barbie Bb Ain t none of my friends have a perfect body Bb If we had it all, go, go Bb Baby, if we let it all. X ambassadors naked guitar chords

BUY sheet music, bUY CD, back to top, tablatures and chords for acoustic guitar and electric guitar, ukulele, drums are parodies/interpretations of the ambassadors original songs. Chorus: BbBb, from my head to my toes. Hope you like it and please rate / slide up guitar slide down h hammer-on p pull-off vibrato harmonic x Mute note b Bend pb Pre-bend br Bend release pbr Pre-bend release brb Bend release bend (function var comments We did not receive enough feedback. Baby, we could break the Bbmold, mold. No more Bbwaiting in the wings. Our goal is to help musicians like you to learn to play the music they love. Oh, Bbwe don't let that bother us either (yeah, yeah, yeah). I just wanna say, cborus, from my Bbhead to my toes. Feeling DmoverexposD#ed, i wanna beBb naked with yDmouD all my Bbfaults, all your scars. If we had it all, Bbgo,. DmDm, d#D who I am, who you are. Not afraid to show, I Bbjust wanna say.

Learn to play Naked easy by, x Ambassadors with guitar chords, lyrics and chord diagrams.Updated: June 4th, 2016.

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He can be reached at email protected. Average Rating, sKU: MN0053359, one Day Only, musicnotes features the world's largest online digital sheet music catalogue with over 300,000 arrangements available to print and play instantly. Jungle also became an unofficial anthem of the 2014 World Cup when it was included in the Beats by Dre The Game Before The Game commercial. When the singer finally hit paydirt, Da Kid used that chorus as the centerpiece for verses while also laying out the foundation of the track musically. Dre, Nicki Minaj, Christina Aguilera and Eminem Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds and friend Dan Stringer, At the time, Da Kid said, Theyre bringing together alternative and R B in a way Ive never heard before, and at the core of that are these great. We love creating dynamic songs that build and fall a few times and take the listener on a journey. Shop our newest and most popular X Ambassadors sheet music such as "Unsteady "Renegades" and "Home or click the button above to browse all X Ambassadors sheet music. Boyhood, the way it chronicled how things change as kids grow up, and we wanted to reflect a feeling of friends and brothers growing up in a small town. The other cool aspect is that when we write and record while driving, we can hear other people talking in the background. Theres a scrappy nature to what we do thats very unique.

BbBb, ain't none of my friends have a perfect body.

I just wanna say Chorus: BbBb From my head to my toes DmDm D#D# Feeling overexposed BbBb DmDm D#D# I wanna be naked with you BbBb All my faults, all your scars DmDm D#D# Who I am, who you are BbBb DmDm D#D# I wanna. BbBb, oh, we don't let that bother us either (yeah, yeah, yeah). Not afraid to show, I just wanna say Chorus: BbBb From my head to my toes DmDm D#D# Feeling overexposed BbBb DmDm D#D# I wanna be naked with you BbBb All my faults, all your scars DmDm D#D# Who I am, who you are BbBb. I wanna be naked with you, bbBb, all my faults, all your scars. If we let it all Bbgo,. Chorus e, b, g, d, a, e, guitar overlay (during falsetto and Chorus). Not afraid to show, I just wanna say.

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Js if (w.opera "object Opera f, false else f document, window, "yandex_metrika_callbacks / trika counter end / Quantcast Tag var _qevents _qevents ; (function var elem eateElement script c (otocol "https? It's a fun and easy song. Let me know what you think, Comment, Like and subscribe! B: e: chord progressions: intro - pick pattern/strum pattern, bm (x2 picking). "https : "http metrika/watch. Bm Go forth and have no fear. More like this., Easy and intermediate guitar lesson for Renegades by X Ambassadors. More like this., This video shows you how to play this version (m/watch? Push setAccount 'UA _gaq. More like this., How To Play Renegades by X-Ambassadors Beginner Guitar Lesson In this beginner / Intermediate guitar lesson/ tutorial from Studio 33 Guitar, we teach you. Type 'text/javascript ync true; c https otocol? It's the same chords, just with a capo. Push trackPageview (function var ga eateElement script. Renegades Chords, x Ambassadors - Renegades, standard Tuning - No Capo A Bm D G e,. More like this., (IE: capo2: AmCGF).Please like, share, and subscribe if this was a help to you! Bm Lost souls and reverie. Find something tell your friends you like LongList. More like this., real KEY: Capo 2nd for key.

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