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trainees performed for the seven coveted spots to debut in Monsta. He's recognised by his ears, has a deep love for food and also enjoys studying song production. As expected from a rookie group, the boys were a bit shy, but remarkably professional talking.

Language, Korean Label Starship Entertainment loen. Won ho monsta x trespass

I rocked out to their first mini album and when 'Rush' came along I had it pretty much on a constant replay. The group's name has an interesting meaning behind it: In French: 'MON' 'My' 'STA' 'Star' (I think this is particularly clever since the company's name is starship Entertainment!) 'X' gives an element of mystery to the group. New condition 14 day returns - Buyer pays return shipping. I'm just a really big fan of Kanye West, I follow everything he does. With less than three months under their belts at the time, Monsta X was by far the newest group at kcon 2015, but you wouldn't be able to tell. Well, at first I thought Kihyun was the guy for me, but Jooheon and Wonho have me feeling some kind of way lately. Kihyun, rEAL name - Yoo maduras Ki Hyun. But also his fashion inspires. They celebrated their '200 days since debut' recently, and because of their amazing performances at mama and their achievement there with a prestigious award, I thought we'd best get to know this group that's been sweeping through Kpop recently :smile: :star2: monsta X :star2: Monsta. Some have found similarities between his visuals and those of JYJ's Jaejoong.

Entertainment Monsta X chronology.Trespass (2015 Rush (2015).Trespass Released: May 14, 2015.

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Los miembros de Monsta X participaron en la creación del álbum, así como también el rapero Mad Clown, BrotherSu, y Jeongmin de boyfriend. "monsta xmonsta X-RAY3 monsta X, single reality program "monsta X-RAY" preliminary announcement of season 3 video release (with animation). "Well hon I'm done to you. El nuevo álbum es a base de hip-hop, pero toma prestado géneros como trap, pop, EDM y R B contemporáneo. Retrieved August 26, 2017. 9 Temas para Dramas 'The Tigrt Moth' tema para Shopping King Louie (2016) 'My Love' tema para Good Night Teacher (2016) Reality Show 2014/2015: RCY 2015: monstight Now 2015/2016: Deokspatch 2017: monsta X - RAY Programas de Televisión 2015 AfreecaTV YamanTV After School Club Weekly Idol Simply Kpop 2016 Idol Star Atlethic Championship. 49 On April 25, they released their first Japan album Piece with the lead title track "Puzzle". Ese mismo día los chicos tuvieron la presentación de debut en M!Countdown.

Monsta X is one of my favourite rookie groups, and their debut music video will always be a favourite too!

Whenever he goes places, I like what he does. Weekly Idol - First Appearance (Eng Sub) Weekly Idol - Second Appearance (Eng Sub) Monsta X Meet amp; Greet After School Club - First Appearance After School Club - Second Appearance QMentary (Eng Sub) Starship runs a reality show of Monsta X called 'Doekspatch' from. Wonho, rEAL name   - Shin Ho Soek. Birthday   - June 18, 1992. He says he has no aegyo at all and that his rolemodels are Chris Brown and Usher. The septet made the most of their first.S. I like their music and their styles are different from each other.

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Won ho monsta x trespass! As group, it would have.

(All in) * Title. Broken Heart /9IAU9 Single JooHeon (monsta X) Flower Cafe Release Date: 2015.11.11 Genre: Rap / Hip-Hop Language: Korean Track List:. Vz3uz-ahJ7bo Yu Seung Woo feat. Vr6aAU1iSNeY monsta_X _ Trespass m/watch? 1 di 20, utilizzando i servizi di Twitter accetti il nostro. d/7ywxjP3NiDQeK 2nd Mini Album Monsta X Rush Release Date: 2015.09.07 Genre: Rap / Hip-hop Language: Korean Track List:. Vtkgefjrpway Special Clip TWO YOU ( Kihyun X Yu Seung Woo) - BAE BAE (bigbang cover) m/watch? Monsta X, twice, 2PM, Block B and More Join kcon Japan Line. Sam Ock,.M) /9Ocif Single.Will, sistar, Boy Friend, Mad Clown, Junggigo, Joo Young, monsta X, Yu Seungwoo, Brother Su, Exy starship planet 2015 Release Date: 2015.12.02 Genre: R B / Soul Language: Korean Track List:. To bring back up the mood after Davichis melancholic final song, twice and Monsta X returned to the stage to perform covers of Uptown Funk and Moves Like Jagger. VpbTfF9JUxwg YU seungwoo - You're beautiful (Feat.

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